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Summer Programs 2021

Summer 2021 Enrichment Program Schedule
Summer Hours 10:00am-2:30pm M-F

STEP 1: Choose your program from the options below!

STEP 2: Choose your session dates.
June 7-18; June 21-July 2; July 5-16

STEP 3: Choose your time slot.
10:00-11:00; 11:00-12:00; 12:30-1:30; 1:30-2:30

PRICING: Programs meet one hour a day for ten days.  We are not formatted as a day-camp, but rather as academic classes that meet for one hour each day.  The first two-week session program costs $200 ($20/hour).  Each additional program costs $175; applicable only to the same child in the same summer.  (Cash/check prices indicated.)

REGISTRATION: Stop by 403 Madison Street, or call 931-920-0003 to register and determine scheduling availability!  The possibilities are endless!

AGES: Suggested ages are for students who have COMPLETED that grade, though exceptions can be made during special circumstances if you feel your child may be able to handle the program content and expectations.  Kinder program age 3 students must have turned 3 by January 2021 to be eligible.

Environmental Engineering Program- (ONLY June 21- July 2 & July 5-16) 
Implement sustainability habits in everyday life!  Students will create environmentally friendly toolkits to use as they study the importance of repurposing materials while learning about how to protect our environment. (Grades 3 & up)

Brain Boost Program- Revitalize mind power as students learn healthy habits for coping with daily stress, social situation, and focus awareness all while maintaining positive thinking. (Grades 1 & up)

Kinder Drama Program- (ONLY June 21- July 2) Let your little one soar to new heights of their imagination and creativity by fostering multiple ways for them to express their ideas through acting!  Perfect for those who enjoy playing and pretending, these students will explore a variety of techniques for dramatic expression. (Ages 3-6) Taught by a professional, equity actor!

Cooking, Too Program- 
Trot around the globe to experience cuisine from China, Mexico, Italy, Greece, and England!  Students will learn to prepare foods from different countries along with exploring cultural aspects that make each country unique. (Grades 1 & up)

Kinder Chefs Program- (NEW CURRICULUM EVERY SUMMER!) Kinder Chefs will learn basic kitchen techniques of measuring, stirring, mixing, washing, cleaning, and more motor skills development practices through this program that will foster their interests in the kitchen! (Ages 3-6)

Cooking Program- Chefs in training participating in this program will learn all about kitchen equipment, cooking terms, recipes, knife skills, labels, cooking techniques and the science behind them along with MUCH more! (Grades 1 & up)

Brilliant Bakers Program- Students in this program will “mix things up” by learning baking concepts such as exact measuring, mixing, preparing portions, and a variety of other concepts for cakes, pies, cookies, and much more!  (Grades 3 & up)

Bot Maze Program- Calling all those with curious minds!  Customize a pair of motorized bots, construct your maze’s tunnels, doorways, passages, and obstacles, and then watch in awe as the personalized bot zooms through a hand-crafted maze! (Grades 3 & up)

Structural Engineering Program- Let your child’s building and design brain soar to new heights as we examine the basics of structural engineering to include a variety of bridges, towers, and skyscrapers. (Grades 3 & up)

Rocket Science Program- Explore the amazing world of rocketry while creating and testing a variety of types of rockets in addition to learning about the history, function, and structure of rockets. (Grades 3 & up)

Contraptions Program- Do you have a child who loves to build? Help enhance that love through our new Contraptions Program!  As students build intricate tracks, chutes, tunnels, towers, ramps, shafts, and more to create a variety of working contraptions, they will also learn the principals of slope, velocity, force, momentum and balance.  On top of that, the basics of physics and engineering will be covered while strengthening analytical skills, resilience and creativity!  (Grades 3 & up)

Drama Program-(ONLY June 21- July 2) Embracing self-expression through voice, body, and imagination, these classes will explore numerous theatrical skills including focus, memorization, and character development. Utilizing theatre games and rehearsals of a short production, which will be performed at the close of the camp session, each session will focus on a different production, so students will grow their skills while working on new material each time they attend. (Grades 1 & up) Taught by a professional, equity actor!

Musical Theatre Program-(ONLY June 21- July 2) Focusing on basic singing and dancing skills, students will be introduced to common musical theatre choreography and will perform a small medley of popular musical theatre pieces at the close of the course. (Grades 2 & up) Taught by a professional, equity actor!

Advanced Drama Program-(ONLY June 21- July 2) Requiring a significant time commitment outside of class, students will focus more deeply into scene work and script analysis which will result in the sharing of scenes from a classic play.
(Grades 5 & up) Taught by a professional, equity actor!

Kinder Phonics Program- Give your little one the advantage of a head start to a lifelong love for reading! Students will focus on phonics skills such as letters, basic sounds, and pencil skills. (Ages 3-6)

Kinder Literacy Program-  A step above Kinder Phonics, these students will experience the more in-depth skills of decoding, writing, rhyming, and more.  Focusing specifically on phonics skills to help with decoding for reading fluency and comprehension, this program will teach students to apply phonics skills within reading. (Ages 3-6)

Kinder Math Program- Perfect for little ones to learn about numbers through building, creating, designing, counting, and tinkering! Kinder Math offers hands-on, challenge-based learning to help children foster higher level thinking, problem solving, and motor skills. (Ages 3-6)

Kinder Art Program- Perfect for the artistic little one in your life, projects in this program are designed with age-appropriateness and academic support in mind. Students learn art skills, color recognition, gain motor skills practice, and patience all while creating quality, keepsake projects to enjoy for years to come! (Ages 3-6)

Art Program- Designed to offer students the freedom to experiment and develop a sense of self expression, the focus is on the process rather than the product.  Students will be encouraged, through a variety of techniques, to discover the elements of art and to intuitively apply the principals of art and design to their creations. (Grades 1 & up)

Advanced Art Program– After completing the Art Program, or at the discretion of a parents’ recommendation, students in Advanced Art will be challenged at a higher level of design, skill, and focus.  Creating projects of a greater technical nature, each student will begin a portfolio of projects which will commence in an end-of-session art show. (Grades 3 & up)

Sculpting Program-(ONLY July 5-16) Learn about the art of sculpting as you hand build with clay while creating a plate, bowl, pencil holder, and bunny! Create and paint all designs with the help of the amazing Susan Lawless, sculptor extraordinaire, who will then fire your creations to prepare for the culminating art show at the end of the final session. (Grades 2 & up)

Sewing/Quilting 1 Program– Experience the joys of quilting and sewing as students learn basic techniques!  Students will perfect the art of straight stitching, piecing and color design as they create their very own pillowcase, panel, pajamas, jellyroll quilt, and more!  A sewing machine and basic supplies will be necessary, and a supply list will be provided upon registration. (Grades 3 & up)

Sewing/Quilting 2 Program– After completion of Quilting 1, students are invited to expand their technique through more advanced patterns and projects.  Students will complete an intricately patterned quilt.  A sewing machine and basic supplies will be necessary, and a supply list will be provided upon registration.  Quilting 2 projects include: Patchwork, Jellyroll with a Twist, Trip Around the World. (Grades 3 & up)

Doll Clothing Program– After completing Quilting 2, students may opt to join this program which creates an entire wardrobe of clothing for 18″ dolls.  With outfits ranging from skirts and dresses to shirts and pants, students not only gain experience in sewing but also in fashion, design, and color choice as they prepare this variety of outfits. (Grades 3 & up)

Academic Bridge Program- Are you seeking to help your child maintain all that they have learned during the school year without experiencing the “summer slide?”  This program is for you!  Scheduled to your availability within our summer hours, students will meet one on one with a tutor to help maintain all their academic gains and get them prepared for the next school year!  This is an individual program. ($35/hour) (Grades 1 & up)

* Summer ACT Prep for July 17 test: June 21-June 30, 12:30-1:30pm (M-F)

* Algebra Boot Camp & Algebra Prep available by individual appointment.

* Spanish available by individual appointment.


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