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Guidance Services

Guidance Services-  (Individual) All ages: PreK-High School

The Process:

When a student registers for Guidance sessions, parents begin by filling out a questionnaire.  Strengths, weaknesses, leisure interests and involvement, and skills in the area of concern are evaluated.  Sessions are then developed.  As necessary, the Guidance Facilitator will communicate with family members regarding progress and additional exercises that may be necessary for best application of guidance techniques. Recommendations to help transition to application at home and school may be provided as well.

How can Guidance Services be helpful?

Psychological Benefits
Improve Mental/Emotional Well-Being
Calm Anxiety
Boost Confidence
Offer Coping Mechanisms
Encourage Positive Attitudes
Address Social Skills
Provide Emotional Support
ADD & ADHD Counsel

College Prep Counsel
Academic Counsel
Test-Taking Skills
Study Skills
Note-Taking Skills

Guidance Services Policy Information: 

Payment for Guidance Sessions is required one week in advance of the scheduled session or on the date of the last paid session. 

Private sessions are $45 for one hour of focused time.  Four sessions are scheduled at a time totaling $180.  

Guidance sessions occur a minimum of once a week.  Cancellations require 24 hours’ notice of the scheduled session in order for payment to be refunded or transferred.  

More than 2 cancellations a month could result in the loss of the appointment slot and/or discontinuation of services.

*Please note that Guidance Services are NOT offered as medical therapy services but rather as general counseling opportunities.

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