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Enrichment Programs 2023-2024

Enrichment Programs are available for Pre-Kindergarten through 12th graders and allow students to explore, design, and create in their own unique areas of interest. These sessions meet once a week and are designed specifically to enrich students in their areas of choice, build upon their existing talents, and allow them to think and create in new and exciting ways!

Pricing is $20/hour, and students register for 8 or 9-week sessions at a time totalling $160 or $180 depending on the day of the week.  At the conclusion of each 8/9 weeks, students may choose to continue, switch programs, or end.  Most programs are not scheduled for a specific day and time but fill based on a first-come, first-served basis.  Please note that some programs are semester-long programs as indicated in their descriptions.  A semester is 18 weeks.  In order to register, please call 931-920-0003, or stop by 403 Madison Street.

Programs follow the local school system holiday schedule but DO NOT follow the school system snow day closing schedule.  In the event programs are cancelled due to weather, a decision will be made by 1:00, and attendees should check the Facebook page for this information.

Programs begin the following weeks:
Session 1- August 14, Session 2- October 16, Session 3- January 8, Session 4- March 18

Daytime Kinder Programs for School Year 2023-2024 (Ages 3-6)

Kinder Phonics Program- Meets Mondays from 10:00-11:00
Give your little one the advantage of a head start to a lifelong love for reading! Students in this program will focus on letters, basic sounds, pencil skills, and more. Kinder Phonics works to prepare students with the skills needed for Kinder Literacy.

Kinder Math Program- Meets Mondays from 11:00-12:00
Perfect for the little one who loves to build, create, design, count, and tinker with new games and ideas, Kinder Thinking offers hands-on, challenge-based learning to help children foster higher level thinking, problem solving, and motor skills.

Kinder Spanish Program- Meets Mondays from 12:30-1:30
Hola!  Get ready for Spanish fun for your little one!  Specifically designed for ages 3-6, this program will teach beginning elements of the Spanish language.  Students will practice letters, numbers, colors, sounds, and more as they explore a new language.

Enrichment Programs for School Year 2023-2024

Musical Multiplication Program- Meets Tuesdays from 5:00-6:00
Get the advantage of fluent multiplication in just a semester through this musical program by Brooke Knight which has produced amazing results for years which was recently presented at Yale University!  Multiplication is the building block for almost every concept in math from the third grade on up!  Through music, rhythm and movement, build the proper foundation in multiplication and math will never be an intimidation!  Ask us about our GUARANTEE that it works, and let us prove it!  *This is a semester-long program. Guarantee is only valid if students complete the semester of classes with no absences. (Grades 2 & up)

Beginning Sewing/Quilting Program- Available Tuesdays or Thursdays
Experience the joys of quilting and sewing as students learn basic techniques!  Students will perfect the art of straight stitching, piecing and color design as they create their very own pillowcase, panel, pajamas, jellyroll quilt, and more!  Basic supplies will be necessary, and a supply list will be provided upon registration. (Grades 3 & up)

Sewing/Quilting 2 Program- Available Tuesdays or Thursdays
After completion of Quilting 1, students are invited to expand their technique through more advanced patterns and projects.  Students will complete an intricately patterned quilt.  Basic supplies will be necessary, and a supply list will be provided upon registration.  Quilting 2 projects include: Patchwork, Jellyroll with a Twist, Trip Around the World (Grades 3 & up)

Sewing/Quilting 3 Program Available Tuesdays or Thursdays
Designed for students who have completed Sewing/Quilting 1 & 2, this program is full of custom-designed projects filled with advanced techniques and skills.  Basic supplies will be necessary, and a supply list will be provided upon registration. (Grades 3 & up)

Fun with Fashion (Clothes Making) Program- Available Tuesdays or Thursdays
After completing the Sewing & Quilting 2 Program, students can enjoy the opportunity to create a variety of different types of clothing.  From pants and tops to aprons and more, students will learn about clothing patterns, stitching, style, fit, and more!  Basic supplies will be necessary, and a supply list will be provided upon registration. (Grades 3 & up)

Endeavors Program-  Encompassing elements of all available programs, students will participate in a variety of experiences which will allow them to think, create, and explore different areas of interest.  Each portion of this program is designed to enhance potential ideas and allow students to imagine endless possibilities for enriching activities!  Please note that this is a private, one-on-one program priced at $35/hour. (Ages 3 – 1st Grade)

Individual Spanish instruction also available!


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