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IEP Support & Advocacy

Does your child already have an IEP and you would like a better understanding of all that it contains?

You need Support!

Is your child consistently struggling in school with dropping grades and behavioral changes?

You need Advocacy!

IEP Support and Advocacy is designed with the parent and child both in mind. Specific concerns and questions of the parent will be brought up at the time of registration and the session will be scheduled and designed to help prepare the parent for the IEP meeting OR to help the parent understand the IEP process.

We work independently and are not associated with any school system. We are not attorneys. We are here to help with suggestions and answers to your questions.

As Advocates, we can help you determine if your child may need services along with developing a better IEP.  We will help you better understand:

-The laws in place to protect your child

-Your rights and protection under IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act)

-How to get the best IEP possible

-Appropriate accommodations and modifications for your child’s IEP

-The process for collecting data and evaluating your child

These sessions are provided by a veteran special educator with a passion for making sure each child receives the services and accommodations that will benefit them the most in the school setting with the future of adulthood in mind.

Fees for Students with Existing IEPs (Support):

(Parents will need to provide a copy of both the current IEP and Eligibility paperwork prior to session.)

$60 for initial consultation

$40 for each additional session

Supports include:

-Review of records prior to session

-Individual, custom designed feedback

-Assisting in verbiage within the IEP to include goals and accommodations

-Providing general support and consultation for the IEP process

Fees for Students without Existing IEPs (Advocacy):

(Parents will need to provide applicable records such as state test results, progress reports, graded work, etc.)

$60 for initial consultation

$40 for each additional session

Supports include:

-Question/Answer session

-Individual, custom designed feedback

-Ideas and suggestions for next steps in the process

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