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Enrichment Programs 2017-18

Enrichment Programs are available for Pre-Kindergarten through 12th graders and allow students to explore, design, and create in their own unique areas of interest. These sessions meet once a week and are designed specifically to enrich students in their areas of choice, build upon their existing talents, and allow them to think and create in new and exciting ways!

Pricing is $20/hour, and students register for 8 or 9-week sessions at a time totalling $160 or $180 depending on the day of the week.  At the conclusion of each 8/9 weeks, students may choose to continue, switch programs, or end.  Most programs are not scheduled for a specific day and time but fill based on a first-come, first-served basis.  Please note that some programs are semester-long programs as indicated in their descriptions.

Programs follow the local school system holiday schedule but DO NOT follow the school system snow day closing schedule.  In the event programs are cancelled due to weather, a decision will be made by 1:00, and attendees should check the Facebook page for this information.

NEW for School Year 2017-2018  

(Programs begin the week of August 7!)


Musical Multiplication Program- (Grades 2 and up)  

Offered Tuesdays from 5:00-6:00                                              

Get the advantage of fluent multiplication in just a semester through this musical program by Brooke Knight which has produced amazing results for years which was recently presented at Yale University!  Multiplication is the building block for almost every concept in math from the third grade on up!  Through music, rhythm and movement, build the proper foundation in multiplication and math will never be an intimidation!  Ask us about our GUARANTEE that it works, and let us prove it!  *This is a semester-long program. Guarantee is only valid if students complete the semester of classes with no absences.


Code Creators Program- (Grades 3 and up)                    

Offered Mondays from 3:30-4:30 or 4:30-5:30                  

Learn the building blocks of coding for creating Apps, video games, and more through this introductory computer science class which teaches how the internet works, basic computer programming, and problem solving.  Featuring a mix of puzzles, online, self-guided, and “unplugged” activities, students will need to bring their laptop to class.


Sewing/Quilting Program– (Grades 3 and up)                

Through this hands-on experience, students will learn basic sewing and quilting techniques in which they will create a variety of projects from quilts to pants and more!  A sewing machine and basic supplies will be necessary, and a supply list will be provided upon registration.


Art & Advanced Art Programs(Grades 2 and up)        

Designed to offer students the freedom to experiment and develop a sense of self expression, focus is on the process rather than the product.  Students will be encouraged through a variety of techniques to discover the elements of art and intuitively apply the principles of art and design to their creations.


Kinder-Art Program- (Ages 3-6)                                      

Specifically designed for students ages 3-6, this program allows little hands to design and create! Students in this class will learn basic art techniques in addition to motor skills work such as cutting, pasting, painting, sculpting, and more!


Creative Writing Program(Grades 2 and up)              

Offered Thursdays from 5:00-6:00                                        

Taught by a professional, freelance writer for a local publication, students in this program will explore the boundless worlds of poetry, nonfiction, fiction and more! Students will learn how to best express themselves in many forms of writing, appreciate the craft of excellent writers, and perfect their own written work to have the desired effect.  Students will have an opportunity for peer feedback and will be encouraged to submit their work to national young adult periodicals. Presently, this program is available on Thursdays from 5:00-6:00. Perfect for grades 2-7!


Mad Scientist Program- (Grades 2 and up)                      

Discover exciting new methods for conducting experiments and determining outcomes for long awaited questions with this unique exploration method.  Students will complete a variety of experiments and discuss the process, concepts and results through discovery learning as they are immersed in the experience of the scientific process.


Social Skills Program-  (Grades 1-4; 5-8; variable)          

Does your child struggle with social situations among peers? If you find your child interrupting, unable to focus on the topic, excessively talkative, missing social cues, having personal space issues, or any other problems with communication, this program can help! Students are guided by a recreational therapist who gives your child the opportunity to put skills into practice through instruction and guided activities during the group session.  These are small group settings with 2-6 children.  This semester-long program is scheduled for Tuesdays 4:00-5:00 (1st-4th graders) and Tuesdays 5:00-6:00 (5th-12th graders).  Pricing is $20/hour for 18 weeks grouped into two payments of $180 or one payment of $360.


Confidence Program-  (All ages)                                                  

Do you see your child struggling with self-esteem?  Perhaps they are unsure when giving answers or making decisions.  This resiliency group program for children and teens is designed to boost confidence, self-esteem, problem solving and relationships with peers and adults.  Allow students the opportunity to learn to capitalize on their strengths and build confidence through accomplishment, service, and trust of others and self.  These are small group settings with 2-6 children.  This semester-long program is priced at $20/hour for 18 weeks grouped into two payments of $180 or one payment of $360.


Anxiety Relief Program-  (Grades 1-4; 5-8; variable)            

If your child is constantly worrying about “what if” scenarios, avoiding socializing, afraid of test-taking, losing sleep, asking for your reassurance over and over again, and still worrying even with your reassurance, this program can help!  Using proven therapy techniques, we offer strategies for training the brain with relaxation practices, positive self-talk, and test-taking survival skills that also apply to everyday life.  These are small group settings with 2-6 children.  This semester-long program is priced at $20/hour for 18 weeks grouped into two payments of $180 or one payment of $360.


Focus Factor Program (ADD/ADHD)-  (Grades 1-4; 5-8; variable)                                                                                              

Many parents of ADD/ADHD children struggle with how to handle the challenges that come along with the diagnosis.  This program is designed to teach students to help focus their attention while also recognizing and providing coping skills for when they feel their thoughts begin to wander.  Students will learn strategies for self-control and self-discipline along with practice in recognizing social cues from others that may help with behavior redirection.  These are small group settings with 2-6 children.  This semester-long program is priced at $20/hour for 18 weeks grouped into two payments of $180 or one payment of $360.


Foster Care Program-  (All ages)                                                  

Our Foster Care Program is for children of all ages who are presently living in a foster home environment.  Therapeutic Recreation for Foster Care is a specialized type of therapy designed to offer guidance to enable students to be more successful both at home and in school, recognize and connect with others who are sharing their experience, and develop relationships and coping skills for future growth.  This semester-long program is for all ages.  Pricing is $20/hour for 18 weeks grouped into two payments of $180 or one payment of $360.


Parenting Program-

Parenting is a beautiful responsibility that can also be full of challenges…and comes without training!  We can help! In this program, Recreational Therapist Marcia Austin explores a variety of parenting topics including development, confidence, communication, understanding and managing children’s behavior, stress management, and parenting styles.  Allowing for open dialogue and discussion, opportunities for suggestions and sharing will also be available. This semester-long program is for parents with children of all ages.  Pricing is $20/hour for 18 weeks grouped into two payments of $180 or one payment of $360.


PRIVATE ONE-ON-ONE PROGRAMS: (Private programs are $35/hour)

Endeavors Program- (Ages 3 – 1st Grade)              

Encompassing elements of all available programs, students will participate in a variety of experiences which will allow them to think, create, and explore different areas of interest.  Each portion of this program is designed to enhance potential ideas and allow students to imagine endless possibilities for enriching activities!


*Now being offered through The Madison Street Music & Arts Academy!

*Partner Piano Program for Beginners- (Grades 2 and up)

Offered Thursdays from 5:00-5:30                                

Experience the benefit of group learning as you enjoy practicing technique, theory, sight reading, ear training, rhythm drills, and more through a relaxing, ensemble setting in which you can flourish by hearing and playing music with others!  Taught by a classically trained pianist, this program helps students decide if piano is the right instrument for them!  A $12 book purchase will also be requested upon registration.




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